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by Aether Realm

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sachavonkarl74 Melodic death metal / folk mix of style making this sophomore album by Aether Realm a solid and more established sound. The style is actually more complex and definitely shifts across boundaries, melodic yet fast, almost black in the Wintersun type of meaning. I cannot but recommend starting by the longest song, which shows how beautifully all these elements come together in a 20 minutes track which is almost worth the whole thing !!! Favorite track: The Sun, The Moon, The Star.
snakehasfoxdie thumbnail
snakehasfoxdie Aether Realm outdid themselves with this album. Every single song in here forces emotion out of me I didn't even know I could feel. Every song tells a tale I've fallen deeply for, and they're impeccably written. The instrumental is sublime, and the vocals. The vocals are so far beyond complimenting. Near perfect. Without question, my absolute favorite symphonic metal album from my favorite symphonic metal band. Truly a work of art. Favorite track is definitely The Sun, The Moon, The Star.
TheElevatedOne thumbnail
TheElevatedOne As always searching for sound that locks you to listening through the whole album I found this, one of the best albums that I know. Many artist have the capability to create something "listenable", but most of the time it is one song and nothing else. So an album length release of songs that all fall into that category is quite amazing. Favorite track: Strength.
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The Fool 07:54
Tarot 04:23
The Tower 02:56
King of Cups 04:59
Death 04:28
The Chariot 06:24
The Devil 08:45
The Emperor 02:48
Strength 06:17
Temperance 05:27
The Magician 06:10
Alone on the ancient mountaintop Stood the one who had lost his way For when you walk on the path of a traitor You will find you may soon be betrayed Stray not from the path you've chosen You may yet find what you seek You will learn to command the ethereal realm And fulfill your destiny Cast out of his land for reaching for that which lies out of mortal sight Like a beast he is feared and hunted Like a beast he intends to fight Stay true to your heart young warrior Keep your sword close by your side And when night comes again beware what the darkness hides Go now to the realm of spirits child You are running out of time Seek quickly the one who will guide you Who will teach you the way of light Doubt not your resolve young wanderer May your stride be swift and true For the colors of day are fading away And tonight they will come for you No amount of work or training Can prepare you for the changing winds But don't despair my child You must fight Take hold of strength divine Shape the world to your design And release the power you keep inside your heart I am the light when a life's at its end The still burning candle when darkness descends I am desire, warmth from the fire fueling your steps when your journey began I am the fear twisting tight round your throat The life giving spark hiding deep in your soul I am your aura, hunger for honor I hold the power you seek Eeeeyuh A fire arose behind his eyes The trees, like torches, blazed up in the night The fire raced across the sky The trees like torches Like torches blazed with light And now they're on the run No mercy smite them one by one You've got an axe to grind Relentless, no one left behind Immolation is their fate Hunt them down and let them feel your hate No cowards left alive By your power they will die And now they're on the run No mercy smite them one by one You've got an axe to grind For the fire of your soul Is a terror to behold No amount of work or training Can prepare them for their flaming end But don't hold back my child They must die Take hold of strength divine Shape the world to your design And release the power you keep inside your heart


It’s no secret – AETHER REALM’s 2017 release Tarot is the album that truly surged these melodic death heroes into the metalverse! The North Carolina, USA-based quartet’s massive, now 12-track/70+ minute sophomore release (expanded with the addition of previous standalone single “The Magician” to the new physical edition) garnered notable underground appeal and cemented the band’s mind-blowingly multi-faceted sound as their own – spurring prominent metal blogs such as No Clean Singing and Angry Metal Guy to dub the album as an “enormous accomplishment” and “spectacular”, respectively. Boasting an evident auditory overhaul courtesy of producer Kile Odell and loosely based on the concept of tarot cards, Tarot begins the masterpiece to come with “The Fool” – beginning modestly, then ominously cascading into a black metal-meets-southern-fried riff inspired fury. Further setting the stage for the remainder of the opus, the incendiary title track “Tarot” leans heavier into what fans have now come to love from AETHER REALM – a confident, cinematic melding of spine-tingling symphonic elements, thrashy rhythms and mind-boggling guitar leads. Following folk metal anthem-turned-talent show “King of Cups” (featuring now-labelmate Christopher Bowes of pirate metal titans Alestorm), Tarot continues to blindingly-shine with tracks like the metallic ballad-echoed “Death” and sinister orchestral oeuvre “The Devil” – the latter of which should catch any competition shaking in their boots. The remainder of Tarot – capped by the nearly 20-minute heroic “The Sun, The Moon, The Star” – proves that it is indeed possible to flawlessly meld southern Americana-metal riffs with European-tinged symphonic soundscapes. Tarot is the album that every band wishes they could attempt by their second go-round, yet AETHER REALM have already achieved it and gaze triumphantly ahead.


To everyone that donated and helped make this album a reality-thank you. We hope you feel some ownership and pride over what we’ve been able to create. We, quite literally, could not have done it without your help, and some individual recognition is in order.

Justin Sanders (Seriously! Jeez dude-thank you so much.)

Rob Jones, Joan Jones, John Arnold

Christopher Bowes, Runeking, High Council

Cody Johnson, Kyle Thomas, Cullen Owen, Nobuhiro Iizuka (all these years!), Aubert Arthur, Rina Yamaguchi, Hayden Gray (glad we finally met IRL), Enoch Carpenter, Eric Musche, Trey McLean, Kyle McGinn, Tigran Kapinos, Peter Misiuk, Joe Bailey, Scott Rumple, Peter Norowski, Mac Smith, Cat Mather, Peter Murphy, Dustin Thiesse, Martin Mannik

Reese Adams, Robert Reynolds, Jeff Acton, Julie Maltais, Richard Samsa, Robin Locke, Antoine Lamontagne, Joshua Winn, Anders Olsen, Sarah Brewer, Sylvain Cloutier, Lloyd Barrington, Steve Doll, Jonathan Adams, Blake Smith, Aaron Sabatine, Evan Lownds, Daniel Hartleb, Alex Zahn, Mary Beck, Yann Pouliot, Kathleen Grub (Florida was LIT), Zachary Huntington-Meath, Miio Seppanen

And to everyone else that donated, helped spread the word, or simply let us know that you’ve enjoyed what we do-thank you. The time that you choose to give to our music means more than can be put into words. See you on the road!

Aether Realm thanks:
Alestorm, Nekrogoblikon and Wilderun for tolerating our bullshit on the road. Maisie Kaiser, Joe Gettler, and Jon Teachey for stepping up and bringing the riff live. Jaiden Frost, for his vision with our indiegogo video. Brian Korff and Ryan Shackleford for their hard work on our first music video. Laura Greenwood and Primitive Ways for helping us keep our heads above water. Christophe Szpajdel, Horst, Nick Rowlett, Jota Cravo, Wega Wahyu, Jorge Gutierrez, Tommy Smith, Pzychopart, and Terminus Tees for keeping our merch game strong. Royal Peasantry for our (now irreversibly sweaty) stage clothes. Jeff Blinder and the whole Greenville squad-we owe you some shows. Every business that’s let us deface their windows with dumb flyers. Everyone that’s let us stay on their spare beds/couches/floors-hospitality on the road means everything.

And of course, you! We hope you enjoy it.

Vincent thanks:
Rob, Joan, Elly, and Mickey Jones, Laura Beach, family, friends, fans (especially the ones that wouldn’t leave me alone about putting this damn thing out), and everyone who worked hard to make some cool art with us.

Donny thanks:
Amber Gatlin, Nick Cross, Thomas Brewer, Brooks Blake, Andy Townsend, Ginger Burbage, my Nana, Jose Chavez, Morgan Vance Hague, breakdowns, kids who spin kick in the pit and kids who push mosh in the pit (y'all two don't get along, but I feel like you could), bald guys that always show up and yell Slaaaaaayyyeeeer, that one fat guy with the pantera shirt at every show, and everyone who helped me when I was diagnosed with Leukemia. You're all awesome.

Heinrich thanks My family, my friends, and the individual that seeks to create, inspire, teach, or otherwise contribute good towards the world we live in.

Tyler thanks: Andy Townsend, Erick Murillo, Lauren Carlston, John Gresham, Scott Gresham


released June 7, 2017

Aether Realm is

Donny Burbage - Guitars
Heinrich Arnold - Guitars, Sound Design
Tyler Gresham - Drums
Vincent Jones - Bass, Vocals

Tarot was made in collaboration with

Dan Müller - Orchestral Arrangement
Philip Reed - Choir Arrangement

And with contributions from

Christopher Bowes (Alestorm) . Vocals - King of Cups
Michael Rumple (Lorelei) . Vocals - The Sun, The Moon, The Star & The Devil
Taylor Washington (Paladin) . Guitar Solo - Tarot
Eric W. Brown (Rainbowdragoneyes) . Chipped Tunes - The Sun, The Moon, The Star
Benjamin Keiper . Piano - The Chariot
Sam Crider . Acoustic Guitar - The Chariot

All choir vocals performed by Philip Reed, Hunter Hulsey, Kyle Lewis, Christopher Mason, Mitchell Powers, Jared Register, Lee Wright, and Patrick Young

Album Artwork by KolaHari
Additional Art by Adrian Baxter and Michael Meadors
Photography by Randy Edwards
Layout Design by Tyler Gresham

Lyrics by Vincent Jones
Music by Aether Realm

Produced by Aether Realm and Kile Odell
Engineer by Curtis Martin and Kile Odell at Bloodstone Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Kile Odell


all rights reserved



Aether Realm Asheville, North Carolina

Thor's hammer crashed to the earth with a mighty rumble. When the smoke cleared, there were some guys. Some stuff happened that set the mood, something about a quest to rock some towns, and now we play melodeath.


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